Blue Noble

Our Story

Blue Noble was founded in 2017 by a team of experienced real estate professionals from HSBC Alternative Investments Limited: Paul Forshaw, CEO of Blue Noble (formally Global Head of Real Estate for HSBC Alternative Investments Limited); Toby Evans, Chief Investment Officer; Harry Heathcoat Amory, Chief Operating Officer; and Will Michell, Partner.

During their tenure with HSBC, the team transacted in and managed over $5 billion of real estate assets across the US, Europe and Asia. Collectively, they were responsible for the origination, structuring, capital raising, financing, execution, asset management and disposition of multiple high profile real estate investment deals, generating significant returns for clients, HSBC Private Bank and HSBC Global Asset Management.



A cohesive team who have honed their experience in running a successful real estate investment management business for one of the World’s largest banks.